Latest projects 2014

 Claudiu Popa – Interiors Portfolio

Claudiu Popa – Architecture Portfolio

2014 – An concept in residential architecture – Beach house

3D artist – Claudiu Popa, Designer – arh. Costin Irimia

  • Created as an example of customization, the beach house is located in Corsica, on a rocky cliff that lowers into the sea. Incorporating many design principles, some from the Gestalt school of symbols in architecture, some from accomplished modern artworks, the building is a very special order intended to embody a state of meditation. The interior project uses design elements from B&O, Poltrona Frau and Carrara stonework.




2014 – Modern house – old projects brought to life

Project manager arh. Costin Irimia

  • Sometimes an architect has a moment of inspiration and draws a sketch for a unique and very balanced project that ends up sitting in a shelf for many years. When a client approached arch. Costin Irimia for the design of a modern home, we found that a project made more that 15 years ago but never built was the ideal choice. A deeper analysis followed and according to the client’s needs, a personalised design was created.


2014 – Corabia Cafe

Project manager arh. Claudiu Popa

  • Located in the port-town of Corabia, this esquisite restaurant is a newly built structure with three levels, featuring an open terrace, a fast food window service, a cafe bar at the ground floor, the first floor restaurant with complete kitchen and the second floor apartment with 4 rooms. The design was achieved in several stages, with some of the simulations presented here. As a complex project, all the aspects of planning were analized from the HVAC systems to the electric, plumbing, heating, facade and profile design, to the kitchen functions and finally the interior design. Working with companies from multiple fields, the selected design brings a combination of wrought iron, glass, granite and natural wood veneer to create a special atmosfere of warmness and timeless elegance. The project is a work in progress, the gallery of site photos is updated to the current level of completion.


  • The final project is a blend of the best ideas from the first stage of development. A classic interior with contemporary touches, the restaurant is almost complete as the final details are incorporated.

2014 – Corsica vacation home and Wellness Restaurant shading systems

Project manager arh. Claudiu Popa

  • In the field of outdoor we had a series of requests to design temporary coverings for shade and protection versus the elements. For example, a client with a vacation home in Corsica and a passion for sailboats approached us and the unique design of the cable supported sail is presented here. Tensile membrane software was used to simulate the behavior and stress. A second example is the terrace cover for the Yesterday Restaurant, with cloth stripes set between laminated wood beams. A more flexible design is represented by a similar enclosure for the garden of the Wellness Restaurant in Bucharest.

    2014 – Brugnola vacation home – extension

    Project manager arh. Claudiu Popa

    • A special case for the rendering projects is represented by the requests to create a natural backdrop in order to best prouve the organic integration of structures in protected natural environments. Placed along the Brugnola-Osaca line, the stone structure received an extension and some terracing of the cliff in which it stands embedded. Images were created for winter and summer landscapes.

2014 – Carol Park – Frigului Apartment

Project manager arh. Ana-Maria Popa, arh. Claudiu Popa

  • A small apartment in a new residential development became a beautiful example of detailed interior architecture. The major intervention is the partial enclosing of the terrace, creating a glass pavilion as an extension and dining room. A major refit was custom made for all instalations, and the furnishings, accessories and finishings were all chosen in accordance to the interior architecture project. A major part of the architecture is the custom furniture made to best accomplish criteria of space usage and clean nordic design looks. Images of the projects and current photos of the apartment are featured in the gallery.

2014 – GEA hydraulics – industrial complex

Project manager ing. Francesco Ferrari

  • Our collaboration with the engineers of Aierre that specialize in the industrial sector has given us the opportunity to a modern industrial park. In the site of an assembly factory in Italy, the GEA hydraulics company wished to expand by building an additional structure. Located in the proximity of protected areas, the factory project was analyzed as to the impact of insertion, and several changes were made to the design. A fly-through animation is available at the following link :


2014 – Apartment in Bucharest – N.Racota street

Project manager arh. Claudiu Popa

  • The apartment project was recently completed and consisted of the complete renovation of a 4 room flat, with the enclosing of a third balcony, changes in the interior partitions, heating/plumbing/electrical systems, finishings and the design of the kitchen/ dining space.

2014 – Stables and farm in Modena Region – Emilia Romagna

Project manager ing. Francesco Ferrari

  • The foto insertion of a project consisting of agricultural buildings, stables and terraced platforms. The project is made out of prefabricated panels, designed to have a minimal environmental impact, fast assembly and easy maintenance.

  1. 2014 – Road Bridge Milano – Lodi 

    Project manager ing. Silvio Bonati

    • For an Auction for the rehabilitation and extension of an existing road bridge on the M1 road between Milan and Lodi, a project for the 3d modeling was undertaken. Built from specific detail drawings, the model accurately represents the engineering project and helped to explain the technical solution adopted by the firm.

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