Lastest projects 2013

2013 – Villa facade restoration – collaborations with A.I.erre engineering S.r.l. Italy

Project manager ing. Francesco Ferrari

  • The visualization of a villa in the Parma region was requested for a chromatic study of facade finishings. Specific colors were chosen in accordance to their significance and relation with the traditional motifs of the region. The project consisted of a renovation and expansion of a metal fence with a new gate, all of which were to be painted in gradient colors, according to cardinal orientation.


2013 – Modern house – old projects brought to life

Project manager arh. Costin Irimia

  • Sometimes an architect has a moment of inspiration and draws a sketch for a unique and very balanced project that ends up sitting in a shelf for many years. When a client approached arch. Costin Irimia for the design of a modern home, we found that a project made more that 15 years ago but never built was the ideal choice. A deeper analysis followed and according to the client’s needs, a personalised design was created.



2013 – Restaurations and conversions – change and evolution

Project manager  ing. Francesco Ferrari

  • In the Parma region, borrowing form the Toscan style, we find several abandoned industrial and agricultural buildings that represent ideal candidates for re-conversion. In this case, a group of brick barns was transformed by craftsmen into a special housing project. The visualizations were necessary for establishing the necessary steps for the aesthetic improvement and access configuration.




2013 – Extension of industrial compounds

Project manager  ing. Silvio Bonati 

  • The SIA compound, located in Rimini, Italy, represents a two floor industrial compound that underwent extensions and renovation. Insertion drawings were made on demand for the official planning documentation.

2013 – Photography expo – magazine reprezentations

3d artist – Claudiu Popa, photographer – Costin Irimia

  • Interior architecture is a very dynamic field in which the emphasis is always shifting from the details to the compositions. In an attempt to bring together the Art of Photography and Interior Design, we created a series of ambiances in a virtual setting to best display the powerful role that a well chosen image can play in the reading of an interior scene.

2013 – Industrial structure – photo insertions

Project manager  ing. Silvio Bonati 

  • For a client based in Italy, our firm created a 3D virtual simulation of a Industrial building, along the lines of the given format. A slightly curved curtain wall with mirrored glass is the dominant feature of the building’s facade.

2013 – Extension of an existing factory – glass entrance

Project manager  ing. Francesco Ferrari

  • Also in the Parma region, we find a large industrial facility with a special architecture. Subtle details along the walls and the proportions of the cladded and painted sections give this structure a graceful appearance and when the firm contacted us to suggest a new entrance extension, we starded with a flat curtain section and evolved to a diamond shaped metal and glass construct.


2013 – BIFE participation – Author chair 

Project manager  arh. Claudiu Popa

  • BIFE fair – APMR furniture design contest entry – modular chair and table.



2013/2014 – Aviatorilor Boulevard – Riviera Residence

Project manager  arh. Dragos Mihail, arh. Claudiu Popa

  • Apartment building consolidation, renovation and extension with two extra floors.

2013 – Domnesti single family- home

Project manager arh. Claudiu Popa

  • Single family home – finishings, details, interior project

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