Interior Architecture

2012 – Novelties Gallery – Delta Studio Concept Store – HQ Bucharest

Project manager,  Ana-Maria Popa

  • The Gallery was composed of three sections: ceramic tiles, furniture and decorations. The first part of the exhibition was composed of 12 brands and their most recent collections and luxury products. The walls were painted in ciel blue, to contrast the warm tiles, resembling earth, leaves, rock and sand.  The second part of the showroom was made of 9 new ambients of kitchen and living areas, all merged together in an unique concept. The third part, the decoration area, was a mixture between wood pavement, wallpaper, textiles and other elements, to complete the new message and image of the company: the integrator of solutions. (photos by Dan Mihalcea)









2010-2012 – Yesterday Restaurant – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Razvan Degeratu,  sc Ransalt Impex srl

  • A unique restaurant near the Polytechnic University, Yesterday is a place designed with historical elements, to represent much beloved times of the 1930 period, when the city was is full development. The furniture, lighting and decorations were fabricated  by craftsmen for this project only, and all the details are extremely refined. The double ramp staircase made from metal plates and hardwood was added to the space to facilitate access to the second level.

IMG_0598 Yesterday (9)

Yesterday (2)_crIMG_0623

Yesterday (8) Yesterday


2012- Spa – Wellnes center – Bucharest

Project manager dsg. Cristina Tudor,  sc Exenza Concept srl

  • The luxury spa center was designed for a wellness club, and it has the benefit of great natural lighting. The furniture and decorative elements were chosen to represent a classic and stylish design and to enrich the experience. Natural fabrics and leather, combined with hardwood floors and sculpted furniture details complete this elegant interior.

Spa dorobanti (8)

Spa dorobanti (3)

Spa dorobanti (7)

Spa dorobanti (2)


2012- Floreasca apartment – Bucharest   

Project manager arh. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • Featured here are three rooms in an second floor apartment that have been designed to the customers’s request. The office has wood wall panel siding in a symmetrical composition, the kitchen and countertop bar are made from a combination o brushed steel plates and laminated wood panels, and the kids room in the attic space is decorated in bright colors and textures.

Floreasca (6)

Floreasca (1)

Floreasca (2)

Floreasca (3)


2012- Bld. Dacia apartment – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • An apartment in a historical building on Dacia Boulevard, the home was designed using pastel colors, neoclassic inspired furnishings and decorative wallpapers. A warm and fresh atmosphere was achieved, after some interventions on the internal partition walls, and completion of a special issue restoration and thermal insulation.

Apartament dacia (5)

Apartament dacia (7)

Apartament dacia (14)

Apartament dacia (16)


2012- Dristor apartment – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • Situated in a 6 story apartment building, the project proposed changes to all the rooms – the living room was transformed into a more friendly lounge type setting, the bedrooms were optimized for space usage, a new kitchen and bathroom setup were proposed. Using bright colors and textured materials, the apartment has a modern and energetic design with top quality furniture and accessories.

Dristor (1)

Dristor (10)




Dristor (35)

Dristor (23)

Dristor (27)

Dristor (21)


2012- Mogosoaia 2 story villa

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • An extras form the original project of a single family villa, featuring the office and living rooms. Using strong color contrasts between the elements of interior design, we achieved a balanced look, with a practical and modern aspect. The owners wanted a high tech impression of the home, to reflect

Mogosoaia (2)

Mogosoaia (3)

Mogosoaia (4)

Mogosoaia (6)


2012- Brasov apartment  

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • The following images are from a renovation and interior design project in Brasov, a long an narrow home with one floor and attic space, that was designed for offices and temporary residence function. An eclectic approach with multiple design elements form a fresh and colorful atmosphere, to underline the creativity of the owners. The attic space is separated from the rest of the space, and represents a place for relaxation and reflection.
  • Brasov apartament (4)

Brasov apartament (5)

Brasov apartament (7)

Brasov apartament (2)


2009- SEB offices – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Beatrice Joger 

  • A project for re-facing of the large and small conference rooms in the SEB professional training center in Bucharest. According to their purpose, the conference rooms were designed as class rooms, with multiple configuration options, and board rooms for the upper management briefings. Quality materials and modern interior finishings complete the look of the spaces.

SEB birouri (1) SEB birouri (2)


2012- Bathroom renovation – Bucharest   

Project manager arh. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • A complex intervention in a small apartment bathroom that increased available space by removing the tub, partially walling the opening and using large ceramic tiles to enhance the appearance of depth. All piping and infrastructure were upgraded in the process.

casa 021

baia p 2


2012- Yesterday Hotel rooms – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • The 6 story hotel has 15 rooms per level and 4 levels used for accommodation. The need was for a flexible room configuration with king size or double beds, achieved from the joining of the beds with a single headboard. The furniture, interior details and textiles were chosen for the ideal appearance of a 3+ star hotel, but also from an economic perspective. With complex interior lighting, the rooms are comfortable and efficient. The multiple shapes and sizes of rooms and apartments can be seen on the hotel website –

Hotel yesterday (6)Hotel yesterday (4)


2010- Uniter bar and club – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Costin Irimia,  sc Synthesis Structures srl

  • The first model for the Uniter Club, proposed in 2010 consisted of a basement winery and club. Located close to the main Bucharest boulevard – Calea Victoriei, the Uniter building has a complex underground level, that was used for storage and technical spaces, and our project looked at the best way to use this space as a stand alone club, with several pockets of lounge areas, and a central bar. The venue is well suited for a winery, and a room was to be finished with apparent brick, and arches, to represent the optimal look for the controlled environment of the wine storage.

Uniter (1)

Uniter (7)

Uniter (10)

Uniter (5)


2012- Uniter- Le Theatre – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • The Club and Cafe- Le Theatre was finished the following year in the main rooms of the ground floor of the Uniter building. Filled with classical accents from the original interior decorations and the new and discrete interventions, Le Theatre is a place for those who love the stage, and has a strong connection to the Actors Guild. Also the venue has a wonderful summer terrace space above it’s rich gardens, that connects with the club.

2228633_orig LE Theatre (1)

Uniter (2)

Uniter (1s)



2012- Restaurant Cris Baneasa – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Valentin Stratu,  sc Valdesign 1991 srl

  • Near the internal airport of Baneasa, in Bucharest, the Cris Garden Restaurant is a special design of arch. Valentin Stratu, featuring a cone shaped metallic structure, made from prefabricated elements, and enclosed in poly carbonate glazing.  The building has a circular symmetry that was maintained in the interior customer area, with a central platform accessible by a round staircase. The restaurant has many unique features such as the distinctive cooling system (the visible annular ventilation at the center top, and the outdoor facade water sprinkler system) and the underground kitchens and technical spaces.

1 2




2013- Negresco apartments – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • In the old city center, right next to the historical Carul cu Bere venue, the Negresco apartments will reflect the tradition and spirit of the times. Configured as a 5 star accommodation, the Negresco apartments are decorated with sculpted wood panels, decorative registers and wall gilded profiles, beautiful classic lighting and furniture, as well as premium quality flooring and wallpaper. Right now in the phase of structural reinforcement, we expect that interior renovations will begin around September 2013.

Acces dormitor dormitor secundar


sufragerie 2


2011- Nespresso Cafe – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • A project proposal for the first Nespresso Cafe bar in Bucharest, to be located in the center of town, on Calea Victoriei boulevard. The venue has two levels, with a bar and retail area at the ground floor and a lounge setup at the upper level. Inspiration was taken from the brand image of Nespresso, for using colors and materials specific to the boutique shops and cafe bars throughout Europe. Many elements in the decorative arrangements hold resemblance to coffee cups, beans and the smoothness of it’s texture.

Nespresso (1) Nespresso (2)

Nespresso (4)

Nespresso (5)



2013- Chitila home – Bucharest   

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • A complex project that involves a two story home in the Chitila village, with modern design elements and fashion accessories, the home has a distinctive look, with bright welcoming colors and smooth textures. Special design elements were incorporated such as photo-wallpaper, custom built furniture, a recessed metallic fireplace and designer made accessories. The home is still under construction, and finishings will begin this summer.

baie mansarda 1 birou mod

hol etaj

camera copii 2

bucatarie dining

living parter




2012- Antik Batik store – Feeria Mall Baneasa – Bucharest   

Project manager dsg. Cristina Tudor,  sc Exenza Concept srl

  • Originally dubbed Stephanie Boutique, the shop is located at the first floor in the Baneasa Feeria Mall. It was designed as a tailor made fashion store, with high quality details taken from the world of textiles. Natural materials and warm interior elements benefit the feeling of coziness, for a distinctive look, different from the usual retail store arrangements found in the mall.

Mall (1) Mall (2)

Mall (3)


2012- Corbeanca Home Winery   

Project manager arh. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • A small capacity home winery was designed for a client with an appreciation for fine wine, in a concrete basement that has been used for technical equipment storage. The conversion is represented by the Klinker cladding, and brick floor, as well as the specially made furniture inserts. Temperature and humidity in the winery are electronically controlled, and a door in a wooden front separates the tech rooms from the main space.

Crama 1 Crama 2

Crama 3


2012- Disco Cris – Sinaia

Project manager arch. Claudiu Popa,  sc Ycho Interiors srl

  • Located near the Mara Hotel in Sinaia, the Cris Disco is a large metallic structure enclosed in aluminium panels. Our project involves the adding of a semi-level for the VIP lounge area, two bars with seating arrangements and console configuration and a large central dance floor with a small stage. For the interior enclosing we used large drapings, lit by concealed projectors and large backlit panels for the dance area. The Vip section and it’s bar have a different design, as well as the more focused details around the DJ and sound enclosure.

Disco Sinaia (1)

Disco Sinaia (2)

Disco Sinaia (4)

Disco Sinaia (3)


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