Company Offer

  • Through collaboration with YCHO INTERIORS, you will receive a professional analysis of your project with the help of virtual simulations, a method perfected until photorealism.

Download the company brochure HERE – 2013 Brochure YCHO

Whether the project consists of changes in existing facilities, renovation / restoration or proposal of new architectural objects,
using 3D layout can return immediate results of the architectural conception phase and will result in predicting the solution quality. Design services offered by
Ycho Interiors offers were grouped depending on the order type.

1. Interior design for apartments/homes

2. Interior arhitecture projects for commercial spaces

3. Interior design for offices and conversions

4. Arhitectural design for buildings with ground+1 floor

5. Landscape arhitectectural planning and exterior ambiances

6. Personalized design projects – furniture, details

7. Graphic design and digital editing

Rates for specialized services – collaboration in various stages of design –

  1. Fee for the drafting of an architectural survey: 1 euro/sqm unrolled
  2. Fee for CAD transcriptions and technical drawing : 0.5 euros/sqm unrolled
  3. Fee for 3D construction of virtual study models – 100 euros (+/- 20%)
  4. Fee for a complete 3D architectural simulation  ( photo insertions, visualization for licensing and auctions) – 200 euros (+/- 20%)
  5. Fee for a photorealistic rendering (high-end presentations, marketing ) – 300 euros (+/- 20%)

Architectural complete services (available for building in Romania) – 

Fee for getting a Urban Planning Permit, and preliminary consultation : 100 euros (+/- 20%)
The cost includes the filling of necessary documentations for subsequent utility permits.

Permit tax : Obtaining each of the permits and making the necessary adaptations in the technical documentations, – 20 euros/permit

– Architectural project fee – Authorization Phase (DTAC): 3 euros/sqm unrolled
The DTAC phase includes the general project, comprised of the virtual 3D model, building plans – general placement plan, all the levels and the aerial view, the 4 facades,  transverse and length wise sections, specific details according to the project type;

– The fee for Interior Architecture and Design projects : 8 euros/sqm unrolled (+/- 20%).
Included in the service are the following – design consultancy, architectural survey, virtual model construction and simulations, and also the complete technical project for the chosen solution. The Architects will be present at the essential phases in construction, and for constant site surveillance we charge an extra fee of 300euros/month (+/- 20%).

Reference values for complementary services in construction – values for 2013 (services will be provided by specialized partner companies)
Structural engineering D.T.A.C. : from 0.5euros/sqm unrolled – starting at 250euros
Engineering projects for heating, electric si sanitary D.T.A.C. : from 0.5euros/sqm unrolled – starting at 150euros

Execution phase –
Structural engineering P.T.+ D.D.E. :  from 3 euros/sqm unrolled
Engineering projects for heating, electric si sanitary P.T.+ D.D.E :  from 3 euros/sqm unrolled

ycho loggo mic 2 factura - Copy

Oferta companiei

Prin intermediul colaborarii cu YCHO INTERIORS, veti beneficia de o analiza profesionala a proiectului dumneavoastra, cu ajutorul simularilor virtuale, metoda perfectionata pina la fotorealism. Fie ca este vorba de modificari in spatii existente, renovari/restaurari sau propunerea de noi obiecte de arhitectura, cu ajutorul machetarii 3d putem avea rezultatele conceptiei arhitecturale direct, pentru a anticipa calitatea solutiei. Serviciile de proiectare oferite de Ycho Interiors au fost grupate in oferte, in functie de tipul comenzii..

1. Amenajari interior apartamente/ locuinte familiale

2. Proiect arhitectura de interior pentru spatii comerciale

3. Amenajari pentru birouri si conversii office

4. Proiectare de arhitectura pentru constructii parter +1etaj

5. Lucrari de arhitectura peisajera si ambiante exterioare

6. Proiecte de design personalizat – mobilier, detalii

7. Design grafic, branding si prelucrare digitala


Tarife servicii de specialitate pentru colaborari pe diverse faze ale proiectarii –

  1. Onorariu pentru realizarea unui releveu: 1euro/mp desfasurat
  2. Tarif pentru redactare CAD, desen tehnic si transpunere proiect : 0.5euro/mp desfasurat
  3. Onorariu pentru realizarea de machete virtuale de studiu 3d – 100 euro (+/- 20%)
  4. Onorariu pentru realizarea simularii 3d a proiectului de arhitectura (insertii, avizare, licitatii) – 200 euro (+/- 20%)
  5. Onorariu pentru vizualizari fotorealiste (prezentari high-end, marketing ) – 300 euro (+/- 20%)

Servicii in domeniul Arhitecturii

Onorariu pentru obtinerea Cerficatului de Urbanism + Consultanta : 100 euro (+/- 20%)
Costul include realizarea documentatiei tehnice pentru avize.

Comision avize : depunerea/preluarea modificarilor si ridicarea documentatiei specifice fiecarui aviz, – 20 euro/aviz

– Onorariu Proiectare de Arhitectura (faza DTAC): 3 euro/mp desfasurat
faza DTAC- Proiect autorizatie constructie, cuprinde macheta virtuala 3D, planurile cladirii – planul de situatie, planurile tuturor nivelelor+invelitoare, cele 4 fatade, sectiune transversala si longitudinala, detalii de executie dupa caz;
– Onorariu pentru proiectarea amenajarilor de interior : 8 euro/mp util desfasurat (+/- 20%).
Pachetul include consultanta, releveul, simularea virtuala a spatiului si realizarea proiectului tehnic spre ofertare si executie. Arhitectii vor fi prezenti la fazele determinante ale executiei, insa pentru supravegherea santierului si management de proiect se percepe un tarif de 300euro/luna (+/- 20%).

Valori de referinta pentru servicii de proiectare complementare – indici 2013 (servicii oferite in urma colaborarii cu partenerii de specialitate)
Proiectul de structura D.T.A.C. : porneste de la 0.5euro/mp desfasurat – plecind de la 250euro
Proiectul de instalatii termice, electrice si sanitare D.T.A.C. : porneste de la 0.5euro/mp desfasurat – plecind de la 150euro

Faza de executie
Proiectul de structura de executie P.T.+ D.D.E. : porneste de la 3 euro /mp desfasurat
Proiectul de instalatii termice, electrice si sanitare P.T.+ D.D.E : porneste de la 3 euro/mp desfasurat


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