Computer simulations

2013- Mirianistico

Project manager arh. Costin Irimia

  • Visualizations for a study involving the use of large format art photography in interior design projects. The scenes were carefully balanced to present a refined minimalist look, and to emphasize  the subtle connection with the artistic domain. Like in actual studio photography, the lighting and quality of the surface textures were beautifully rendered.

scena 1 colturicamera

scena 2 comp

scena culori 1


2011- Saftica Equine Center proposal 

Project manager arh. Dragos Mihail, DACOMEX TRADE for MB Telecom

  • A set of complete visualizations was made for a complex proposal to build an Equine center for recreational riding and shows, complete with stables, indoor and outdoor arenas and all the necessary appendices for taking care of the horses and assuring the safety of the customers. A second use for the interior space is the medical recovery and fizioterapeutical treatments for injured horses.

Hipism (2)

Hipism (8)






Hipism (7)Hipism (12)


2011-  Hulsta apartment design contest

Project manager arh. Ana Maria Popa

  • The submission for the Hulsta Interior design competition 2011 is a warm ambiance made from natural materials and light textiles. The wood veneer and minimal shapes blend together into a dynamic look for this vacation apartment.  The submitted project won third place from the international jury board.

Hulsta (3) Hulsta (4)

Hulsta (6) Hulsta (7)


2010- Castel residence apartment complex – Sinaia

Project manager arh. Costin Irimia, Sc. Synthesis Structures. srl

  • The project was realized in partnership with the Italian engineering offices, and is a luxury apartment complex, situated on a sloping terrain in the historical part of Sinaia. The architecture is a modern interpretation of the vernacular form, suited for the mountain climate, with strong and durable natural materials. The interior simulations underline the unique geometry of the apartments (the concept of the structure is reminiscent of a fortification with three towers), and suggest the beautiful landscapes available.

Castel (11)

Castel (4)


Castel (1)

Castel (7) - Copy_cr

Castel (10)

Castel (8)


2013- Virtual building for visualization of fire suppression systems

Project manager arh. Catalin Talle

  • As part of a larger advertising campaign for the Sigura company in Bucharest, a metallic/concrete structure was devised and sectioned to demonstrate the placement and function of the fire suppression systems. The spaces are comprised of offices, technical spaces, a kitchen/cantina, an underground parking lot and in the back a large metallic storage facility.

detaliu 1

detaliu 2



2010- Lakeside vacation home – Mostistea Lake 

Project manager arh. Valentin Stratu 

  • A modern villa designed with a simple volume and fully glazed facade facing the lake. The building is placed on a terraced slope, and at the low end there is a large wood pontoon with a swimming pool. Well integrated in its surroundings, the ample usage of wood and stone provide an elegant setting for this vacation home.

Mostistea (1)

Mostistea (4)


2012- Local hospital – Maternity wing – auction project

Project manager arh. Andrea Ragazzin, Studio Zingaretti It.

  • The Gara Russia project is a proposal for the expansion and construction of a hospital wing. The concept is of a symmetrical divergent pair of volumes, that join together  in a central atrium of cylindrical shape. The main buildings are connected via crossings to a large two story structure, housing the research labs and equipment. Special attention was given to the way the facade is perceived from the ground level, and also from the angles of the maternity ward rooms.




2010- Renault design center – Otopeni Bucharest

Project manager arh. Horia Gavris

  • A conceptual structure, incorporating elements of post modern architecture, the Renault design showroom was conceived to render an elegant space with a mostly neutral impact in order to allow the optimal perception of the vehicle prototypes housed within. A workshop was started by the Renault design offices in Paris and the work was done in the labs of UAUIM.

Renault desing center (1) Renault desing center (2)


2012- Colentina Hospital Surgery Wing

Project manager – Asociation of CMB and UNIECO

  • An auction project for the construction of a new general Hospital, the building was designed by the Zingaretti Studio in Bologna, specialized in medical facilities. The 3D model study determined the facade typology, the colors and materials included in the final offer. The volumes are specific to the function, and the plans have been optimized to insure operation efficiency.

Colentina (1)



Colentina (7)

Colentina (9)


2013- Kurdistan General Hospital – auction project

Project manager arh. Andrea Ragazzin, Studio Zingaretti It.

  • Another project for a hospital expansion contest, situated in Kurdistan. Like an oasis in the desert, the design offers a geometric park inspired from Islamic architectural decoration on top of the low building of the existing complex, and the firm proposed the erection of three hospital room blocks with rotational symmetry. The colors and details are selected from the pallets of the region’s traditional motifs.

Unieco kurdistan (1)

Unieco kurdistan (11)

Unieco kurdistan (13)

Unieco kurdistan (9)


2011-Solar Decathlon Contest entry –

Project manager arh. Ana-Maria Popa

  • Our proposal for the popular Solar Decathlon International Competition, – a symmetrical house made from sustainable materials, with excellent energy efficiency  properties. Airflow and passive solar energy systems have been integrated into the solution and with the use of special shading panels, the panoramic view can be maintained without loss of power.

Decathlon (2)Decathlon (3)Decathlon (1)


2013- Gara Russia Hospital

Project manager arh. Andrea Ragazzin, Studio Zingaretti It.

  • Gara Russia is a concept for a modern design hospital based on the study of the experienced architecture firm, that incorporates the best assets of design and functionality. It’s distinctive features are the cylindrical and ring shaped structures that have continuous  balconies  and an open fully glazed ground floor. The location is a heavy wooded area, with beautiful calming vistas and a clean air, great for patient recovery.






2011- Modular greenhouses

Project manager arh. Costin Irimia

  • The cone si a unique patented design for an efficient self-build kit greenhouse. It features many different systems for cooling, trapping heat and humidity, irrigation and ventilation, that combine to make the greenhouse an efficient production system.

Sera (2) Sera (3)

Sera (7) Sera (8)


2011- Office buildings in Parma

Project manager – COIS Romania

  • A proposal for the construction of a large office complex near a historical building in Parma was studied in 3D in order to create a good relation between the old and the new. The volumes are connected at the first two levels and some of the elements found in the original structures are repeated in the proposal.

Zingaretti (1)

Zingaretti (4)






Zingaretti (5)

Zingaretti (8)


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